Private Instruction Is Offered For figure Skating, Hockey Basic Skill And Hockey Advanced Skill.

Private Hockey Lessons

Revolution Ice Centre has a dedicated staff of professional skating and hockey instructors for all of your skill development needs. Whether you are just learning to skate or playing on a Division 1 team, Revolution has a variety of professional coaches on staff. These qualified coaches are available for one on one instruction designed to take your child’s training to the next level.

Revolution prides itself on providing the highest level of experience and expertise to provide a professional teaching experience.


Ice Hockey

Technical Skills

  • Power Skating
  • Skating for balance and agility
  • Skating for speed & acceleration
  • Puck control and stick handling
  • Shooting
  • Goalie training

Tactical Skills

  • Position specific training
  • Individual and team tactics
  • Offense
  • Defense

Vasko Hockey Development (VHD)

Coach Alex Vasko is a native to Kiev, Ukraine and represents the former Soviet Union Hockey Training School.

Alex started his professional playing career in Eastern Europe Hockey League in 1995. In 1999 Alex moved to the United States to continue his playing career in Gold Rush AWHL, Sioux City Musketeers USHL and Mohawk Valley UHL. Alex also participated in NHL Rookie Camps of Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning and in ECHL, UHL Training Camps.

In 2007, Alex moved to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area to begin his coaching career as a Head Coach with WBS Jr. Knights Youth Hockey Club. For five years in a row, Alex has been selected as AYHL All-Star Game Coach. From 2012 through 2014 hockey seasons, Alex led his teams to a National Championship and in 2012 won National Championship with his Bantam Major AAA Team.

Coach Vasko has coached and trained NHL player Ivan Provorov – Philadelphia Flyers (NHL Draft 2015, 1st Round, 7th Overall), Denis Smirnov – Colorado Avalanche (NHL Draft 2017, 6th Round, 156th Overall), CJ Yakimowicz – St. Louis Blues (NHL Draft 2014, 6th Round, 172nd Overall), Nikita Pavlychev – Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL Draft 2015, 7th Round, 197th Overall) and Dmitri Zaitsev – Washington Capitals (NHL Draft 2016, 7th Round, 207th Overall).

In addition to the six NHL draft picks, Coach Vasko has developed players currently committed by the Big 10 and other Division 1 Colleges: Denis Smirnov, Nikita Pavlychev, Paul Denaples and Jacob Goldowski – Penn State, NCAA Div. I – Big Ten; Eugene Fadyeyev – Ohio State, NCAA Div. I – Big Ten; Derek Hamelin – Canisius College, NCAA Div. I; Marcus Joseph Sacred Heart University, NCAA Div. I; Vlad Dzhioshvili, University of Vermont, NCAA Div. I; Konstantin Chernyuk, University of Maine, NCAA Div. I; Jacob Hamacher and Gavin Lewis – RIT, NCAA Div. I; Joseph Campolieto – Union College, NCAA Div. I.

Through the years of professional career as a hockey player and a Tier 1 youth ice hockey coach, Coach Vasko has developed his unique training approach that has proven to help players of all ages to excel in all skill areas and develop into overall stronger and smarter players. Vasko Hockey Development (VHD) is a methodology that is intended to introduce players to a new skill in a step by step approach, building one skill at a time increasing in complexity and intensity. The VHD approach is highly effective because it teaches a wide spectrum of advanced level techniques for complete player development and applications of new skills in real game situations.

VHD specializes in

Power Skating:

While most power skating programs are actually conditioning programs, Vasko Hockey Development trains power skating. Many coaches assume that by skating more and moving faster, they’ll skate better. VHD’s power skating program is a technique based training program, not a conditioning program. The purpose is to teach players how to become not just fast, but powerful, stable, explosive and efficiently fast. VHD process:

  • Learn first to execute a maneuver correctly.
  • Then correctly and powerfully.
  • Then correctly, powerfully, quickly.
  • Then correctly, powerfully, quickly with the puck.
  • Finally, correctly, powerfully, quickly with the puck, in game situations and under lots of pressure.
  • There is no shortcut, so don’t expect to become a great skater after one power skating program.

Stick Handling and Puck Control Techniques:

dribbling variations, development of strong wrists and quick hands, fake drills and moves, puck handling in diverse skating situations.

Shooting, Passing and Scoring:

wrist shot, back hand shot, slap shot, snap shot, forehand pass, backhand pass, one-touch pass.

RapidShot Training:

For the past several years, Alex Vasko has been using the RapidShot training system as part of his advance development training in conjunction with one-on-one instructions. During RapidShot sessions, we are aiming to correct puck receiving techniques, adjusting the grip and improving reaction times. RapidShot is a patented hockey training system that automatically passes and collects hundreds of pucks an hour. RapidShot is the most advanced computerized shooting system in the world that measures accuracy, shot speed and reaction time.

VHD Lessons Format

From the novice to the expert, VHD starts with a simple evaluation and customizes a lesson to meet the skating goals of each individual player. Standard private lessons are 45 minutes in duration. Semi-private or small group lessons with up to 5 skaters of the same age and skill level for 45 minutes are also available.

Improve your skating, shooting and stickhandling skills with our private, semi-private or team training instruction!

  • Lessons are scheduled with a maximum player-to-instructor ratio of 5 to 1
  • Players are grouped together based on their age and skill level
  • Drills typically consist of an intense on ice session and off ice instruction using the RapaidShot.


Training sessions – forty-five minutes $50 for small group training (2-6 players); $100 for one-on-one lessons