Fundraising & School Programs

In School Programs / Field Trip Activities

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights, a local junior hockey program (ages 16-20) based out of the Revolution Ice Centre in Pittston, Pennsylvania. The Knights team members will come to your school and introduce the game of hockey to your students through presentations and a floor hockey exhibition in PE class or in a special event. These exhibitions transcend hockey – they are life lessons as your students witness the perseverance and work ethic of local, talented, and dedicated youth pursuing their dreams. Students will hear stories of challenge and triumph; of overcoming adversity; of teamwork and selflessness from these athletes that are the top hockey players in the country. All will in some way be touched, all will in some way see their own horizons broadened, and all will witness how hard work can propel them to be the best person they can be.”Ticket Fundraiser – we will provide 200 game tickets for a Knights NAHL home game to your school to sell for $10 per ticket, with proceeds to be split 50/50 with your school. For example, if you school can sell 200 tickets x $5 (profit for school) = $1000 fundraiser for your school”.

  • Basic Ice Skating Field Trips
    During an ice skating field trip during the day, students will have the opportunity to ice skate at the facility. With over 300 pairs of rental skates we can easily accommodate groups of any size. These groups can be booked privately (which require a 40 person minimum and is subject to available ice openings) or during a public skate session. We rent ice for $300 per hour.
  • Educational field trips and group tours
    The educational field trip is an excellent opportunity for children to tour the facility, learn how ice is produced, maintained and kept cold, how the ice resurfacer (or Zamboni) works, how ice skates glide on the ice and how ice skates are maintained. This can only be done during school hours.
  • Hot chocolate and cookie days
    These groups are for ages 12 and under and are usually reserved during a 2 hour block of time on a weekday. Hot chocolate and cookies are served in the warm room during or after the skating session. This would be done in conjunction with a daily ice rental.

Fundraising Events

During a fundraising event, you will have the opportunity to help generate money for your organization. Revolution will provide you a flyer to pass out to you students that will be presented to the ice rink when they arrive for a public skate. You simply invite your group to come to a public skate where your school can set up a booth or table in our lobby to sell your merchandise and raise money for your organization. Public skate is $8.00 for each student and Revolution will provide a $3.00 donation per paying student to the school. If your school brings 100 students to the event, a $300 donation will be made to your school.