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What is a Figure Skating Club and why do I need to join one?


While you don’t need to join a Figure Skating Club, a club affords you the opportunity to practice on ice that is sometimes reserved for members only. Figure skating clubs help bridge the gap between individual sport and the camaraderie and group atmosphere of team sports. Often times figure skating clubs will do shows for friends and family or perform during other venues.

At Blue Ridge FSC we understand skating is an expensive endeavor and seek to keep club related expenses low. We don’t aim to grow our club at a pace that loses touch with our values of friendship and family. We help one another both on and off the ice whenever we can. Because our club has skaters ranging in age from adult to young beginners, we have support on the ice for each other and there are rarely issues you may find at other clubs and rinks.

Our club strives to utilize highly qualified coaches that instruct at their appropriate level of expertise. Our coaches work in collaboration with one another to help our skaters achieve their individual goals. Our coaches believe in advancing skaters at appropriate pace to achieve their individual goals. These goals change over time our coaches work with each skater to ensure we discuss goals and objectives and make them realistic and achievable.

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