Freestyle sessions are for skaters who participate in figure skating as a recreational or competitive sport. These sessions allow skaters to practice jumps, spins, edge work (moves in the field), dance and choreography.  These sessions are also used for private skating lessons.

Freestyle ice fees are $15 per hour and $10 per half-hour.


Figure Skating Rules

Skaters, coaches, and parents are expected to show courtesy and good sportsmanship to other skaters, coaches, and parents both on and off the ice.

All skaters must pay for the freestyle session BEFORE getting on the ice.

Skaters in private lessons have the right of way. The second priority goes to skaters practicing programs.

Program music will be played in the order it is requested. A coach may request that the program of a skater taking a private lesson be placed at the front of the line.

Skaters are expected to leave the ice when the Zamboni doors are opened. Program music will be stopped when the Zamboni is ready to enter the ice. NO ONE IS ALLOWED ON THE ICE WHILE THE ZAMBONI IS OPERATING!

Kicking, stomping feet, and dragging toes are prohibited.

Skaters or parents may not interrupt a coach who is giving a private lesson to another skater.

All clothing, tissues, gloves, crash pads, water bottles and other belongings should be removed from the area when leaving. Trash must be put in proper receptacles.

Deliberately challenging, scaring or intentionally blocking a skater is prohibited. Any skater caught doing this will be asked to leave the session.

The use of ear buds/headphones is not allowed during freestyle sessions.

All skaters should keep their heads up and always be aware of the surroundings.

For Figure Skating times please visit our calendar

Figure Skating Guest Coach Policy

As a private facility, the Revolution Ice Centre reserves the right to approve or deny any coach who seeks the opportunity to coach/instruct at our facility.

Any coach, not employed by the Revolution Ice Centre, seeking the opportunity to coach/instruct within the Revolution Ice Centre, must contact the rink at least seven (7) days in advance. Upon approval and prior to their first ice session, the coach must stop at the Revolution Ice Centre Administration Office and submit:

  1. US Figure Skating or Learn to Skate USA registration card (current)
  2. Proof of SafeSport compliance (current)
  3. Proof of active liability insurance naming Revolution ice Centre as additionally insured
  4. PSA membership (current) or Learn to Skate USA Instructor membership
  5. PA Child Abuse Clearance
  6. PA State Police Criminal Background Check Clearance
  7. FBI Background Check
  8. NCSI Background Check

The coach will then receive a coach pass that is to be kept on their person as proof they are compliant with all coaching policies. Once in the Revolution Ice Centre, the coach agrees to follow the Revolution Ice Centre Freestyle rules and regulations. Failure to comply will result in the loss of coaching privileges.

The Coach protocol does not apply to coaches who are invited by the Revolution Ice Centre to work special skating camps, workshops, related special appearances, or other events. Coaches not employed by Revolution Ice Centre may be assessed a $35/day coaching fee.